For his exhibition at the Mukusala Art Salon artist Klavs Loris has given the Latvian title “ESSME” – a kind of neologism (roughly translating to “Entity”) that the artist uses to describe a concentrate of a person's spiritual experience, where his searches and travails are gathered.

According to the author, “ESSME – is a carrier of information, the ego you struggle with all your life and where you upload all your physical and spiritual experience.” The genre Klavs uses to express himself in art is landscape, which is so close to the Latvian mentality. Nevertheless, the created images contain a mystic mood under which the spectator gives in to the charm of the artwork. Possibly, because a private experience acquired during his 'nature trips' has been encoded in Klavs' landscapes, resembling a portrait of emotions rather than the environment. The impressions and the charm of personal experience intertwine in the works, forming journeys into the (un)known world where different layers of inquiry and surprises can be found.


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