Klavs Loris’ artistic style can be observed in his large-scale works, where the painter continuously experiments with techniques, combining classical oil painting with more modern mediums and materials. During these experimentations, Klavs Loris has developed his own author-technique, which combines photography, digital print and classical painting.

Artist’s visual language is largely influenced by his interest in history, its processes and heritage left to the next generations.

  “To my mind, the heritage and values we have received from our forerunners have a direct impact on the language of art. While next generations may use an artist’s work as a historical evidence, it is still a romanticized illusion of the time gone by. Thus, it is impossible to draw a strict line between the actual historical events, which stand behind the work, and the artist’s interpretation of the history, which may serve as an evidence of the “true history” for our children, after all.

When working I am continuously experimenting with numerous of techniques and materials, like oil, acrylic, floor varnish and carpet glue, glitter powders, and the toning dry pigments from the Soviet-time textile plants. The whole process is more similar to a physical activity or even a ritual dance, as I am constantly moving around large-size canvas, painting with my hands and various objects, strapping the work with a colour-soaked string and polishing it with a polisher, applying tape and varnish-soaked pieces of fabric which I then tear down together with layers of painting, thus revealing rough surface".

Born in 1988, Riga, Latvia


2010–2014  Art Academy of Latvia, Bachelor of Arts degree in the Humanities, Department of Painting, Riga, Latvia

2011            Art Academy of Brera, Milan, Italy

Solo exhibitions:

2019          "Internally Outwards", Maksla XO gallery, Riga, Latvia

2018          “Queen before your eyes”, Maksla XO gallery, Riga, Latvia

2017          “EMBODY”, Gallery HANGAR18, Brussels, Belgium

2016          “Mutual”, Riga Art Space, Riga, Latvia

2015          “Entity”, Mukusala Art salon, Riga, Latvia

2014          “Your impossibilities, which happens”, Sydney Latvian House, Sydney, Australia

2012          “Identified levels”, Gallery L, Riga, Latvia

Group exhibitions:

2015–2017   JCE. (Jeune creation Europeenne. Biennale d’art contemporain), France, Denmark, Poland, Latvia, Italy, Spain, Portugal

2016           “SAGAS” HANGAR18 gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2014           “JurK” – PopperMag exhibition, Jurkalne Culture Center, Jurkalne, Latvia

2014           “Connecting Points”, Kaņepe’s Culture Center, Riga, Latvia

2013           “Young Painter Prize”, Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre (CAC),Vilnius, Lithuania

2013           “Monohroms II”, Art Space “Mala”, Cesis, Latvia  

2013           “SEB scholarship in painting”, the Hall of the Art Academy of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

2013            ART VILNIUS 2013, exposition of the Art Academy of Latvia, LITEXPO, Vilnius, Lithuania

2013           “Witness” – PopperMag exhibition, Kim? Contemporary Art Center, Riga, Latvia

2013           “Astral Blackout” – PopperMag exhibition, Kalnciema Quarter Gallery, Riga, Latvia

2013           “Place and Displacement”, Kaņepe’s Culture Center, Riga, Latvia

2012           “Brederlo – von Sengbusch Art Premium 2012”, the Hall of the Art Academy of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

2012            First Latvian illustration magazine “PopperMag” exhibition, Kaņepe’s Culture Center, Riga, Latvia

2012            “Winter” – Winter plein air exhibition by students, the Art Academy of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

2011            “Trojan Horse” – International art exhibtion, Vidzeme Market, Riga, Latvia

2011            “Wood Morning” – Latvian street art exhibition (curator), gallery L, Riga, Latvia

2010            “Time travel – 144 hours”

2010             The First international PAINT CLUB champion 2010, Halle, Germany

2010             International graffiti festival in Poland, Bialystok, Poland

2010            „Autumn.Recycle.Process”, the Gallery of The Artists’ Union of Latvia (LMS), Latvian Railway History Museum, Riga, Latvia

2010            “SEB scholarship in painting”, the Hall of the Art Academy of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

2010            “Art Praats”, Cēsis Exhibition Hall, Cesis, Latvia

2009            “SEB scholarship in painting”, the Hall of the Art Academy of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

2009            “Cultureblock”, VEF, Riga, Latvia

2009            “Autumn. I am Georgian 080808”, the Gallery of The Artists’ Union of Latvia (LMS), Riga, Latvia

2007            “T-Rex“ – Installation, Night of Museums, Riga, Latvia


2015            Grand Prix –  JCE. (Jeune creation Europeenne. Biennale d’art contemporain)

2013            SEB Bank Scholarship in Painting

2012            Brederlo – von Sengbusch award 2012



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